A more convenient, healthy, safe, and diverse smart lifestyle.

Professional Intelligent Core Components and Solutions

A more convenient, healthy, safe, and diverse smart lifestyle.

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RF Module IoT Module Radar Module Intelligent Cntroller Custom Development


  • NFC Smart Kitchen Dual Interface Solution

    This hardware solution uses ZD-FN3/ZD-NN2 modules for docking. The kitchen appliances are connected to ZD-FN3/ZD-NN2 through a communication interface, and can be controlled by using a mobile phone NFC for one touch. Implement interaction between kitchen appliances and mobile data transmission.
  • Intelligent Light Control Solutions

    Specially developed for customers who receive turnkey intelligent lighting solutions from their own or public cloud platforms, with remote control, timing switch, countdown switch, brightness adjustment, temperature adjustment, color adjustment, and OTA function.
  • Intelligent Rope Skipping Machine Solution

    Bluetooth skipping solution combines traditional skipping sports with Bluetooth technology to provide users with more functions and convenient experience. Through reasonable hardware design and the development of jump rope application, users can better record and manage jump rope data, improve the effect of jump rope training, and achieve the improvement of physical health level and enjoyment of fun.
  • New Energy Vehicle NFC Intelligent Door Lock Solution

    NFC is called Near Field Communication. As a wireless connection technology with convenient connection and strong security, NFC has long been used in access control system, bus and subway and mobile payment, and is also widely used in the field of smart home.

Supply Chain Management

The goal of supply chain management is to maximize the value to customers and minimize the costs of the supply chain.

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R & D Capability

A research and development team of renowned universities and senior experts, leveraging cutting-edge industry technology research and development capabilities, from customized intelligent solutions to professional and timely technical support.

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Production Capability

Installation accuracy: ± 0.050mm cpk ≥ 1.00: rectangular components, etc; ± 0.040mm cpk ≥ 1.00: QFP: BGA and other object components: 01005 0603-45mm * 150mm Maximum height: 25.4mm; The daily average production capacity is 30 million points.

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Innovation Laboratory

Online quality control testing equipment such as SPI, AOI, X-RAY, and aging testing provides higher quality assurance for products through meticulous testing processes.

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