Innovation Laboratory

Joinet IoT has established an innovation laboratory with the aim of promoting the continuous development of the PCBA industry, improving production efficiency, reducing costs, and improving product quality through technological innovation and applied research.

The laboratory is committed to researching and developing new PCBA manufacturing technologies, processes, and materials to improve the quality, reliability, and production efficiency of PCBA. Through strict quality and reliability testing, we ensure that the newly developed PCBA meets customer and industry standards, improves product lifespan and stability, and reduces failure rates.

The laboratory continuously optimizes the existing PCBA manufacturing process to improve production efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs. By improving the process flow, introducing automation equipment, and improving the accuracy of process parameter control, continuous improvement of the process is achieved.

Laboratory research on environmentally friendly production technologies and materials, promoting the sustainable development of the PCBA industry and reducing its impact on the environment.

Explore the application of PCBA in new fields such as the Internet of Things, smart homes, medical electronics, etc., and expand new market space.

The laboratory provides technical training and communication opportunities for internal employees to enhance the team's technical and innovative capabilities. In addition, the laboratory also provides technical support and consulting services to customers, helping them solve problems during the PCBA manufacturing process. Collaborate with customers to jointly promote innovation and development in PCBA manufacturing.

The laboratory attaches great importance to intellectual property protection and protects research and development achievements and innovative technologies through means such as applying for patents and copyrights.