We provide customers with high-end SMT surface mount processing services, equipped with multiple fully automatic high-speed SMT Fuji NXT II and YAMAHA's latest high-speed surface mount production lines, fully automatic loading machines, fully automatic solder paste printing machines, 3D SPI solder paste detectors, 10 temperature zone reflow soldering, AOI optical detection equipment, baking machines, steel mesh cleaning machines, plasma cleaning machines, X-RAY, etc. We provide long-term processing and manufacturing services to customers. Support the installation of precision electronic components such as 0201 components and QFN.

The DIP plugin process is a part of the PCBA process after the SMT SMT mounting process. DIP plugins refer to large-sized components that cannot be machine mounted and require manual insertion, followed by wave soldering to form the final product.

SMT surface mount processing services


1) Control important process links such as IQC incoming material inspection, IPQC process inspection, and OQA factory inspection;
2) Equipped with a professional R&D and engineering team to coordinate with clients on engineering documents and materials;
3) Equip professional sales personnel to coordinate with customers;
4) Supervise the PMC production planning process to ensure delivery time;
5) Using ESD electrostatic protection pearl cotton or electrostatic bags for safe packaging to ensure the safety of the product during transportation;

SMT production capacity


Capable of mounting PCB hard board (FR-4), (metal substrate), PCB soft board (FPC), and soft hard combination PCB
The specifications for mounting components can be applied with a minimum package of 0201Chip/0.35 Pitch BGA
Minimum device accuracy for mounting ± 0.04mm
IC chip mounting accuracy ± 0.03mm
PCB mounting size L50 * W50mm - L510 * W460mm
Thickness of PCB mounting: 0.3mm-4.5mm
Throwing rate, resistance capacity rate, 0.3%

Fully automatic lead-free wave soldering


The wave soldering equipment is a full computer (Windows XP operating system)+PLC control system; The preheating zone adopts a three-stage adjustable speed micro hot air circulation design, which has a more uniform heating effect and precise temperature control; The tin temperature is controlled using PID self feedback algorithm to ensure effective control of tin temperature within+/-1 degrees, and is equipped with an automatic tin adding device; Forced natural air cooling, with the option of selecting an air cooler to meet the cooling slope requirements of lead-free processes; Equipped with intelligent fault diagnosis, automatic recording of device status, and the ability to set different user permissions for operations
Production process: Red glue, solder paste, red glue solder paste mixed process
Minimum spacing between legs of weldable parts: 0.3mm
Welding quality after furnace<100PPM

Online AOI detection


AI algorithm wave soldering pre plugin AOI, system assisted rapid modeling, no need to set any parameters, one click intelligent search for more than 80 devices, support advanced deep AI learning and training model capabilities, computer vision graphics and image processing, can generate SPC management reports, support barcode recognition and MES system integration, and can control quality in real time.