Smart home knob color screen application scenarios

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The circular color screen seen at AWE 2023 China Home Appliance and Consumer Electronics Expo

     Someone asked me what is the black technology of smart color screen at present? At that moment, the first thing that came to my mind was a circular color screen that I saw at AWE 2023 China Home Appliance and Consumer Electronics Expo. It broke the traditional rigid square color screen, broke the original interaction mode, and operated in a rotating way, which was ergonomic, creative and aesthetic. What kind of charm is there to discover? In this article, let me take a deep look at the knob screen and satisfy your curiosity.

     The picture above shows this small and delicate knob screen. It is a smart color screen developed by Zhongneng Internet of Things based on Shanghai FR8008xP. It is equipped with a 1.6-inch circular screen with a resolution of 400x400. Often used in air fryers, water heaters, washing machines, oven controllers and electric car dial, with fashion, simple UI, perfect show the integration of technology and beauty, although it is not big, but it is likely to set off the future of small appliance application layers of waves oh!

     FR8008xP series built-in 64KB SRAM+2MB PSRAM memory, to meet the IoT market demand launched smart home appliances screen display Bluetooth MCU, in addition to screen display, also provides Bluetooth multi-connection networking and BLE Mesh networking; The scheme is often used in intelligent household appliances such as air fryers with screens, water heaters, washing machines, ovens and fitness equipment, and is also often used as an upgrade option for traditional segment code screen and black and white screen products.

Several advantages of the knob screen scheme:

1. Support a maximum resolution of 640*640;

2. Display framework based on LVGL8.1, including PC emulator (convenient UI development);

3. Built-in low power Bluetooth function, easy to connect to mobile applications

4. External 2 groups of serial communication bus, convenient for rapid integration development of customers

Application market

Smart home appliances: coffee machine, washing machine, smart toilet, air fryer, water heater, oven, etc.
Smart home: temperature controller, air conditioner, automatic curtain, 86 boxes of panels, etc.