Intelligent Fan Solution

Background of the plan

According to survey data, the global fan market has shown a stable growth trend in the past few years, and its scale will continue to expand in the coming years. However, in the past, there were many pain points in fan products, such as the inability to detect temperature and humidity, air quality in real-time, difficulty in finding remote controls, and difficulty in operating buttons. With the pursuit of quality of life and home environment by consumers, the quality and functional requirements of fan products are also constantly improving. The popularization of smart homes has also made smart fans a new trend in the market.


intelligent control

By combining advanced IoT technology with traditional fans, intelligent control of fans has been achieved. Users can remotely control the fan through mobile apps, voice assistants, and other means, including functions such as on/off, speed regulation, and timing, greatly improving the convenience of use.

Real time monitoring

Equipped with real-time monitoring functions for temperature, humidity, and air quality, it can automatically adjust the operating status of the fan based on environmental conditions, providing users with a more comfortable environment. Monitoring data can be viewed in real-time through mobile apps, helping users fully understand the indoor environmental conditions.

Energy conservation and environmental protection

By adopting energy-saving motors and intelligent control technology, it can effectively reduce energy consumption while meeting the comfort needs of users, in line with the concept of green environmental protection.

Personalized customization

Support personalized customization, users can set different operating modes according to their preferences and needs, such as natural wind, sleep wind, etc., to improve the user experience.

Intelligent linkage

It can be linked with smart home systems to achieve collaborative work with other smart devices. For example, when the indoor temperature is too high, the fan can automatically turn on and adjust to the appropriate wind speed; When the air quality is poor, the fan can automatically adjust to low-speed operation or turn off.

Cloud service support

Using cloud service platforms for data storage and analysis, users can view the operating status and historical data of electric fans at any time through mobile apps, providing strong support for home management and energy conservation.

Safe and reliable

Equipped with safety functions such as overload protection and automatic power-off during dumping, ensuring the safety and reliability of users during use. At the same time, strictly adhere to national and regional electrical safety standards to ensure product compliance and safety.

Easy to maintain and upkeep

The design fully considers the needs of maintenance and upkeep, and adopts a modular design to facilitate users to replace parts on their own. At the same time, we provide comprehensive after-sales service and technical support to ensure that users receive timely and effective assistance during use.

The intelligent electric fan has the following functional characteristics:

·Fan speed control: gear speed control.

·Wind speed mode: switching between natural/sleep/normal wind speed categories.

·Wind direction switching: Control the wind direction at different angles up, down, left, right, and freely switch.

·Voice control: Direct voice control without the need for networked control of fans.

·Radar detection: By detecting the presence of the human body through radar, the fan gear is linked.

Access method:

·Method: WiFi - Bluetooth, Bluetooth, offline voice.

·Interface: MCU universal docking, SoC.

·Platform access: Doodle, Alibaba, WeChat mini programs.

·Recommended modules: ZD-RWB1, ZD-PYB1, ZN-M-SR06