Intelligent NFC passive lock scheme

Solution overview

NFC passive locks are controlled and authorized through smartphones or special handheld devices. NFC sensing technology transmits unlocking signals and provides unlocking power, which can realize intelligent management of mechanical locks in the station.

There is no need for power supply and charging like a Bluetooth padlock, so as to realize intelligent unlocking without electricity.




All-in-One IoT Capabilities

Hardware solution reference

This hardware solution uses the ZD-NFC Lock2 module for docking, and the passive lock is directly embedded with the ZD-NFC Lock2 module, which is controlled by using mobile phone NFC or handheld devices and passive locks. Realize the interaction between the passive lock and the data transmission between the devices.

The app on the mobile phone can transmit data to the product side through the control of on and off. The manufacturer customizes the panel and independently develops the APP and cloud platform. Zhongneng IoT provides a complete APP-side reference implementation.

This solution can change the previous padlocks from Bluetooth to NFC intelligence, which will improve the level of intelligence.



Figure NFC passive lock overall topology


Figure ZD-NFC Lock2



product form

picture cabinet lock

Figure padlock

Tusch Blockade

Figure smart lock