86 box touch color screen solution

In modern industrial control systems, the intuitive and convenient user interface and operating experience are crucial. As an innovative industrial control device, the 86 box touch screen not only inherits the compact design of the traditional 86 box switch panel, but also integrates the advanced functions of touch display screens, becoming the core component of automation control and monitoring systems. The excellent performance and wide range of applications of this color screen make it increasingly important in modern industrial control systems.

The 86 box touch screen developed by Joinet IoT not only has a universal design of standard 86 box size, making it easy to integrate into existing switch panels without the need for significant structural changes, thereby saving space and improving overall aesthetics, injecting a modern feel into home decoration. Moreover, its 4-inch touch LCD screen provides users with an intuitive and smooth operating interface, allowing them to control various switches and schedule smart home functions through simple touch operations. This design greatly improves the user experience and makes operation more convenient.

In addition, the color screen is highly compatible with smart home systems, enabling intelligent management of household energy. Users can easily monitor and control electrical equipment in their homes through color screens, effectively reducing energy consumption and improving energy utilization efficiency. The built-in Wi Fi, Zigbee, and Bluetooth modules support multiple wireless communication protocols, allowing the color screen to wirelessly connect and control with other smart home devices, providing powerful control capabilities for smart home systems.

Importantly, Joinet IoT's 86 box touch screen also supports customized design. According to the specific needs of customers, we can customize touch color screens of different sizes, functions, and appearances to meet the personalized needs of different users. In addition, the color screen adopts a low-power design of the ESP32-S3 chip, ensuring long-term stable operation while ensuring low-power performance. Moreover, the chips and communication methods used in the plan have undergone strict security testing and verification, ensuring the security and stability of the system.

This 86 box touch screen can meet the needs of different users and is suitable for various scenarios that require switch control and intelligent management, such as:

Home: Control the lighting, curtains, air conditioning, and other equipment in the home through a touch screen, improving convenience and comfort in daily life.

Office: In the office, this solution can be used to control conference room lighting, air conditioning and other equipment, providing a comfortable working environment.

Hotel: In hotels, this solution can be used for intelligent management of guest rooms, providing a comfortable and energy-saving accommodation experience.

Mall: In the mall, this solution can be used to control exhibition hall lighting, audio and other equipment, providing professional display effects.

Public facilities: In public facilities such as libraries, museums, etc., this solution can be used to achieve intelligent management, improve the operational efficiency and safety of facilities.