Intelligent Rope Jumper Product Solution

Solution background

Skipping rope, as a popular exercise method, can help people improve their physical health and strengthen their cardiovascular function. With the continuous progress of technology, Bluetooth technology has been widely used in smart devices. The skipping rope solution combined with Bluetooth technology can not only meet the needs of users for traditional skipping rope sports, but also provide richer functions, convenient user experience, and data statistics by connecting smart devices.


Hardware design

1. Jumping rope counter

In the skipping rope scheme, the core component is the skipping rope counter, which is used to record the number of times the user jumps rope. The counter needs to have precise counting function, which can be achieved through sensors or automatic sensing devices. At the same time, the counter should have the characteristics of being lightweight and durable, making it convenient for users to carry and use.

2. Bluetooth module

The Bluetooth module is a key component that connects the jump rope counter to smart devices. The Bluetooth module transmits the skipping rope count recorded by the counter to the smart device through Bluetooth signals and interacts with the corresponding skipping rope application for data exchange. The design of the Bluetooth module needs to consider power consumption issues to ensure sufficient usage time and stable connection to avoid data transmission interruptions.

Figure ZD-PYB1 Module

Joinet's ZD-PYB1 module is independently designed and developed based on the ultra-low power Bluetooth application system chip PHY6222, with core technological advantages:

·Low power Bluetooth 5.1;

·Accurate and stable technology;

·Supports Android and iOS app versions;

·Plan description;

·Using Bluetooth BLE5.1 chip, stable and mature;

·Low price, can be combined with existing products;

·The development cycle is short, and all basic development is completed. Only the user interface and structure need to be developed to complete.

3. Jumping rope material

The material of jump rope has a significant impact on the user experience and jump rope effect. High quality jump rope materials should have flexibility, wear resistance, and slip resistance, reducing the risk of friction and damage for users when jumping rope. Meanwhile, the selection of jump rope materials should take into account the user's needs and usage environment, such as the different requirements for jump rope materials for indoor and outdoor use.


Jumping rope application program design

1. Connection and pairing

The jump rope application needs to be connected and paired with the Bluetooth module when the user first uses it. During the process of connection and pairing, a concise and clear interface and operation instructions should be provided to facilitate users in completing operations.

2. Data statistics and presentation

The skipping rope application needs to be able to receive and record the skipping rope frequency data transmitted by the Bluetooth module, and perform statistics and display. This includes data such as the number of skipping rope times, skipping rope speed, and skipping rope time. The interface design of the application should be intuitive and clear, and the use of charts and images can better display data changes and skipping rope effects.

3. Advanced features

On the premise that the basic functions are met, it is possible to consider adding some advanced functions, such as rope skipping plan development, health data analysis, and sharing. Through these advanced features, users can better understand their own sports status and improve the effectiveness of jump rope training, increasing their participation and stickiness.

User Experience

1. Easy to operate

User experience is one of the key factors to consider when designing jump rope solutions. The operation of the jump rope application should be simple and clear, with a user-friendly interface that is convenient for users to quickly get started and use. At the same time, the design of the jump rope counter should also focus on user experience, be lightweight and easy to operate, and comply with ergonomic principles.

2. Accurate data

The core goal of the skipping rope scheme is to provide accurate and reliable data. The jump rope counter needs to accurately record the number of times the user jumps rope, the Bluetooth module needs to transmit data stably, and the jump rope application needs to accurately count and display jump rope data. Only with accurate and reliable data can users better understand their own exercise status and progress.

3. APP compatible with multiple platforms

The skipping rope solution should support multiple intelligent device platforms, such as iOS and Android systems, to meet a wider range of user needs. The interface and functions of the jump rope application should be consistent across different platforms, making it convenient for users to switch and use between different devices.


The Bluetooth skipping rope solution combines traditional skipping rope sports with Bluetooth technology, providing users with more functions and a convenient user experience. Through reasonable hardware design and the development of jump rope applications, users can better record and manage jump rope data, improve the effectiveness of jump rope training, and achieve an improvement in physical health and enjoyment.