NFC electric vehicle switch lock solution


Electric bicycles are one of the most original products with Chinese characteristics. In 1995, China's first light electric vehicle came out. Since then, electric bicycles have gradually become one of the most important short-distance transportation tools in China. Compared with ordinary bicycles, shared electric bicycles are powered by batteries, replacing bicycles and becoming the best way for new short-distance environmental protection travel. Compared with online car-hailing, the single price of shared motorcycles is more affordable, but it has no price advantage when facing public transportation. However, on short-distance roads without public transportation, shared motorcycles are obviously more convenient and cheaper.

 NFC (Near Field Communication) is a new type of non-contact data interaction method. The NFC data interaction method has the advantages of no human intervention, fast data interaction speed, and convenient use. ZD-FN3 is our company for this application The modular product launched is aimed at adding the ZD-FN3 module to the electric vehicle, which allows the electric vehicle to easily realize data interaction with a mobile phone.


Electric Vehicle Hardware Solution

ZD-FN3 channel data interaction module (hereinafter referred to as NFC data module) has many application scenarios and can be applied to electric vehicles:

1. Use the mobile phone with NFC to unlock and lock the electric vehicle;
2. Quickly obtain product information (such as product model, serial number, etc.), which is convenient for end users to complete after-sales information;