business background

Midea is a technology group engaged in consumer appliances, HVAC, robotics and automation systems, and intelligent supply chain (logistics), providing a wide range of product categories, including consumer appliances such as kitchen appliances, refrigerators, washing machines, and various small appliances business. In recent years, Midea has been working on the application of smart home appliances, and based on this, it is looking for solution providers and suppliers to support the upgrade of smart home appliances.

Why choose Zhongneng IoT

Zhongneng Wulian has dedicated research and application technology in the field of NFC and radar, and has complete capabilities in the production of NFC tags.

Zhongneng IoT solution helps Midea in the research and development of NFC drinking water management, NFC filter consumables anti-counterfeiting solution, radar hand-scanning solution, and ToF module ranging solution, and at the same time assists Midea in the production of these three solutions.

The NFC drinking water function realizes the function of quickly dispensing water.

The NFC filter consumables anti-counterfeiting solution helps Midea solve counterfeit and shoddy filter products and recover more market share.

Solution (example)

This hardware solution uses the ZD-FN1 module for docking, and the smart water purifier is connected to the ZD-FN1 through the communication interface to realize the reading of the NFC tag of the filter element/filter.

Read the NFC tag of the filter/filter element through the NFC reader, and identify whether the currently replaced consumables are authentic, so as to combat fake and counterfeit after-sales service providers who damage the interests of manufacturers and users by replacing fake filter elements.

The filter element/filter screen information read by the NFC reader is transmitted to the user's mobile phone through the wifi channel. Users can keep abreast of the current life status of the filter element/screen.

After the filter element/filter screen information is read by the NFC reader, it is transmitted to the manufacturer's cloud platform in time. The manufacturer can keep abreast of the user's current filter element status and information, and follow up and maintain the user in time.

The overall topology of the filter element and filter screen


ZD-FN1 hardware module

cooperation results

COLMO net drinking machine