Energy saving solutions for smart parking lots

With the development of modern high-rise buildings, for the convenience and comfort of use, the underground garage is one of the indispensable supporting buildings of modern buildings. As a place for parking vehicles, the underground garage has uncertainty in the activities of people and vehicles, which determines that the lighting of the underground garage has the law of "intermittent" lighting. The energy consumption, lighting effects, and management of underground parking lots have always been the focus of people's attention. , Zhongneng Wulian adds radar to the lighting fixtures in the parking lot, and derives parking lot lighting solutions, striving to create a new generation of technology, intelligence, and green A model of intelligent lighting for indoor parking lots that is environmentally friendly and carbon-saving.

Radar is an electronic device that uses electromagnetic waves to detect targets. It emits electromagnetic waves to irradiate the target and receives its echoes, thereby obtaining information such as the distance from the target to the electromagnetic wave emission point, the distance change rate (radial velocity), azimuth, and angle.

The radar sensor can turn on the lights when a vehicle is detected to save power.

The radar antenna transmits a linearly modulated continuous high-frequency radar signal and scans it while receiving the return signal. The frequency difference between the transmitted radar signal and the returning radar signal is proportional to the distance to the target surface.

The radar outputs two intermediate frequency signals with the same frequency amplitude and a phase difference of 90° through dual channels, and then identifies the direction of motion based on the phase type guided by the 90° phase.

Radar sensors have the advantages of small size, low power consumption, strong anti-interference ability, easy integration and development, etc., and are not affected by the environment such as temperature, light, vibration, and magnetic field.