Intelligent NFC Passive Lock Solution Offline Intelligent Voice Lighting Solution

Module Introduction

ZN-V-098 is an intelligent voice module independently developed by Zhongneng Wulian, which supports mainstream communication protocols including Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi+BLE, Bluetooth mesh, Zigbee, GPRS, NB-IoT, etc., and has high temperature resistance , multiple sizes, stable communication, good performance, low power consumption, etc., can help manufacturers quickly realize product intelligent upgrades.



Solution This solution uses the ZN-V-098-2 offline intelligent voice module developed by Zhongneng IoT as the core of the solution to solve the perception and calculation problems of different forms of intelligent terminals, and can provide limited voice interaction and interconnection content
capabilities, to meet the interactive needs of lighting hardware at low and medium prices.

The offline voice interaction solution is avoice recognition technology that directly uses the chip's local instruction set to control the product without WIFI or APP. Simple and convenient to use, both the elderly and children can use it barrier-free.

The offline intelligent voice interactive control solution in the intelligent lighting industry, combined with the characteristics of the lighting industry, in terms of cost, power supply, process, module size, temperature rise requirements, noise resistance, voice recognition accuracy, voice control distance, energy consumption control etc., throughmore than 100 built-in command entries, it can provide local speech recognition of non-specific human voice, with high recognition rate and fast response speed.

Application of
multiple application scenarios such as intelligent voice desk lamp, intelligent voice ceiling lamp, intelligent voice mirror headlight, etc.

Solution Features
All the core parts of speech and semantics are developed in miniaturization under the premise of ensuring performance.
Extremely fast development
with low cost, high efficiency, andzero threshold. Through the public version solution, the product intelligence can be realized within one day.
single-mic far-field pickup, high voice recognition rate, low false trigger rate and other indicators are among the best in the industry

. Provideintelligent capabilities including lighting hardware, cloud, App, etc., online development platform + project customization development, one-stop empowering traditional lighting enterprises to achieve intelligent product upgrades.