NFC filter cartridge consumables anti-counterfeiting solution

Prerequisite overview

Water resources are the source of life. Many people hope to drink healthier and more reliable drinking water, so they have installed smart water purifiers for their homes. With the improvement of living standards, people's demand for water purifiers is getting higher and higher. They hope that it can have various intelligent functions. Of course, the most important thing is to rest assured and healthy during use, so as to ensure drinking water. Safety. Water purifiers, also called water purifiers and water purifiers, are water treatment equipment that perform in-depth filtration and purification of water quality according to the requirements for water use. Smart water purifier, as a healthy, safe and intelligent product, is deeply loved by the majority of users.

From the perspective of demand, the potential demand of China's water purifier market is very broad. As the epidemic recovers and improves, the external market and the external economic environment will have certain stimuli. The stimulus of real estate policies will also affect the performance of the water purifier market. Water purifier users Requirements also need to dig deeper.

According to the total data released by AVC, the water purifier industry will increase slightly in 2023, with retail sales of 19 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 2.6%, and retail sales of 7.62 million units, a year-on-year increase of 3.1% .

The problem of counterfeit filter elements currently encountered in the market affects the interests of manufacturers and also damages the rights and interests of consumers.

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Counterfeit consumables

1. There are many "cottage products" in the market for water purifiers of brand owners, making it difficult for consumers to distinguish between genuine and fake. Many brand owners have lost the after-sales replacement market due to counterfeit and shoddy filter elements.

longevity problem

2. The water purifier is a household appliance with strong after-sales service requirements. During use, maintenance and core replacement are essential. Because consumers do not know the importance of timely after-sales service, the filter element of the water purifier /purifier has not been replaced for many years, and the function of the water purifier/purifier has actually been lost.

Untimely after-sales

3. Since the manufacturer does not know the actual situation of the consumer's current water purifier, it is impossible to know in time when the consumer will change the core and when to maintain it

the solution


In response to this problem of manufacturers, Zhongneng has developed an anti-counterfeiting solution for NFC filter consumables specifically for the anti-counterfeiting needs of filter elements.

This hardware solution adds an NFC read-write module (multiple channels) + NFC tags to solve the problem of the manufacturer. The smart water purifier connects with the communication interface of the MCU on the main control board to realize the reading of the NFC tags of the filter element.

Read the NFC tag of the filter element through the NFC reader, and identify whether the currently replaced consumables are authentic, so as to combat fake and counterfeit after-sales service providers who damage the interests of manufacturers and users by replacing fake filter elements.

Localization scheme:

The NFC tag filter element information read by the NFC reader module is identified by a localized algorithm for parameter verification. If they are consistent, it means that the filter element is original and the water purifier is normally started; if the parameter verification error or cannot If the label is read, it means that the filter element is fake or missing, and some functions are disabled.

Cloud linkage scheme: The NFC tag filter information read by the NFC reader module, the wifi channel or the mobile communication network channel transmits the data to the user's mobile phone. Users can keep abreast of the current life status of the filter element in a timely manner. At the same time, the filter element information is transmitted to the manufacturer's cloud platform in a timely manner, so that the manufacturer can know whether the user's current filter element is genuine and understand the life information of the filter element in time, and follow up and maintain the user in time.

ZD-FN1 and ZD-FN4 are NFC single-channel read-write module and NFC dual-channel read-write module solutions respectively. At the same time, Zhongneng can also provide a multi-channel read-write module to meet the situation that the customer's water purifier has multiple filter elements.

Water purifier filter element solution topology

ZD-FN1 NFC single channel reader module


ZD-FN4 NFC dual-way reader module


Application cases and customized services

This solution has already been adopted by first-line top brands and has entered the mass production stage, with mature application cases.

In addition, according to the needs of customers, Zhongneng can provide antennas, whose size can be customized, and can be quickly proofed according to the customer's structure. At the same time, the overall one-stop production and planning guarantees the implementation of R&D, engineering, and production details, eliminating the problems that customers cannot carry out landing production after completion of R&D and the cost is difficult to guarantee.