Intelligent industrial industry temperature controller solution

Industrial thermostat IoT overall solution

The goal of this project is to create an industrial thermostat that can use mobile phones to remotely view and control the temperature and humidity of the temperature control system. You can use your mobile phone to control the thermostat , query the temperature and humidity curves, and the cloud platform pushes the alarm information to the APP .

The whole set of products is composed of the main control board of the temperature controller and the WIFI board. The communication between the two parties is transmitted through the Uart serial port . It is mainly used to observe and control the parameters of the temperature control of the entire freezer, to understand the operation of the machine in real time, and whether there is a machine failure. Electricity, temperature difference is too large. In the case of an alarm, the buzzer of the machine sends an instruction to prompt the alarm, and the cloud pushes the alarm information to the mobile phone at the same time.



System introduction

Figure  Industrial thermostat communication system diagram

The thermostat converts the data collected by the temperature sensor into temperature data through the serial port and sends it to the WIFI module. After receiving the data, the WIFI module packs a network packet and sends it to the server. The server sends the received temperature data to the corresponding temperature controller that has been added. The user of the device, thereby completing the process of the user monitoring the ambient temperature. On the contrary, it is the process of user controlling the thermostat.


the solution

   This solution uses ZD-RWB1 for docking, and the thermostat control board is docked with the Wi-Fi module of Zhongneng Wulian through the UART interface to realize remote control and monitoring of the thermostat.

   The temperature data of temperature control products is accurate to 0.1 ℃, so the frequency of data transmission is very fast, and the transmission data is very large when heating up and cooling down. ZD-RWB1 currently transmits 270 bytes of data per frame , which meets the needs of customers with large transmission volumes. And high-frequency programs.

     Zhongneng Wulian can provide customers with a simple , low-cost and reliable WiFi network product design solution ; only a set of 3.3V power supply needs to be provided externally , which is convenient for customers to embed into some mature products . 


Figure ZD-RWB1 module