Intelligent heater solution

Smart heater solution


Heaters refer to equipment used for heating. According to different heating media and heating principles, heating equipment can be roughly divided into: gas heating equipment, electric heating heating equipment, boiler heating equipment, and electric wall-hung boiler heating. Use the Wi-Fi module to integrate with the electric control board of the heater, and control it through the smart phone APP, making the ordinary heater a smart heater that can be controlled remotely. With Zhongneng's perfect R&D and production capabilities, we help customers realize zero-threshold, standardized, and fast-to-market overall solutions for smart kitchen appliances. Output solutions for customers.

Smart heaters allow consumers to realize real-time detection data, set temperature, gear, timing and other controls. It saves the trouble of tediously checking the instruction manual before manipulating the main equipment panel.

Hardware solution reference


This hardware solution uses the ZD-RWB1 module for docking, and the smart heater control board is connected to the Wi-Fi module of Zhongneng Wulian through the UART interface to realize remote control and monitoring of the smart heater.

Through the module, functions such as remote switch, temperature control, parameter viewing, timing, and fault alarm are realized.

The data transmission volume of household intelligent heater is small, and the maximum transmission byte is about 200 bytes, and the intelligent heater can use external power supply, so ZD-RWB1 is enough to meet the demand.

The ZD-RWB1 Wi-Fi+Bluetooth module can provide customers with a simple, low-cost, and reliable IoT product docking solution; it only needs to provide a set of 3.3V power supply externally, which is convenient for customers to embed into some mature products.


Figure ZD-RWB1


product form



Figure convector


Figure baseboard heater