Intelligent overall kitchen solution

Overview of Intelligent Kitchen Solutions

The intelligent integrated kitchen system adopts embedded technology, computer technology, and information transmission technology to provide users with comprehensive digital services, while monitoring and real-time management of kitchen appliances. With the comprehensive R&D and production capabilities of Zhongneng IoT, we help customers achieve a zero threshold, standardized, and fast implementation of intelligent kitchen appliances overall solution. Combined with the accumulation of Zhongneng IoT in the IoT field, we provide customers with solutions from production control board module solution.


Hardware scheme reference

1) The kitchen environment and sensor data are transmitted to the Wi Fi module;

2) The communication interface adopts UART format to communicate with Wi Fi modules;

3) Multiple usage information of the device can be saved, and data can be uploaded to the server under normal network connection;

4) Due to the rapid changes in temperature and environmental data of kitchen equipment, and the high frequency of data transmission, each WIFI module in this scheme adopts J-RWB1 for docking to meet data transmission requirements;

Figure ZD-RWB1 Sample Diagram


Product Form

Intelligent range hood

Intelligent disinfection cabinet