Intelligent toothbrush solution

Smart Toothbrush Solution


In the 21st century, health has become a global theme, and oral health is the focus of consumers' attention. According to the survey, more than 60% of people suffer from oral diseases in various degrees. Dental care has become a consumer hotspot. Smart toothbrush is a new product that has appeared in recent years, and it has set off a revolution in the field of oral health abroad. Though smart toothbrush is not yet popularized in the application of my country, existing people's prophecy, it will become the important a member in the mass health product. Surveys show that smart toothbrushes are more scientific and effective than ordinary toothbrushes. Can more thoroughly remove dental plaque, reduce gingivitis and gingival hemorrhage, also be the generally popular daily necessities of present European and American many countries.

In the field of smart toothbrushes, Zhongneng provides standard Bluetooth modules to intelligently transform toothbrushes, upgrading ordinary electric toothbrushes to intelligent toothbrushes. Combined with the precipitation of Zhongneng IoT in the field of IoT, from production-control board-module-solution, output the overall solution for customers.

Hardware solution reference

This hardware solution uses the ZD-PYB1 module for docking. Based on the PYB1 module, a complete PCBA solution can be formed. There is no need to plug in the MCU, and the app can switch the toothbrush on and off, set the mode, and transmit the brushing time.

The ZD-PYB1 BLE module can provide customers with a simple, low-cost, and reliable smart toothbrush solution. After cooperating with Zhongneng, customers can obtain complete hardware schematic diagrams and other materials, which greatly reduces the cost of customers completing smart toothbrushes. .


Figure ZD-PYB1



product form


Smart Toothbrush 1