Refrigerator ingredient management based on NFC technology

Zhongneng IoT Technology has been deeply involved in the industry application technology of NFC for many years, and launched a bumper clip for refrigerator food management to help users manage food more easily.

Foodstuff bumper folder is a smart and convenient food preservation folder. The clip has a built-in NFC smart chip, and the ingredients can be marked with a touch of the phone to realize the intelligent management of the ingredients.


Advantages of food bumper clips:

1. Lightweight and convenient, it does not occupy the internal space of the refrigerator, allowing users to enjoy high-end intelligent experience at a low price.

2. NFC induction recognition, no battery maintenance required, and it can still be used for a long time in a low temperature environment.

3. Food-grade material, even if it touches the food, there is no need to worry about contaminating the food.

Foodstuff collider function:

1. Smart entry

The method of using the food bumper clip is very simple, use the clip with the same icon as the food to hold the food. Turn on the  NFC  function of the mobile phone, and directly touch the food bumper clip to realize the material entry. After entering, the APP will provide refrigeration or freezing, storage time suggestions and automatically upload to the cloud to help manage ingredients.

2. Overdue reminder

For each ingredient recorded by the ingredient bumper,  there will be a reminder of the storage time and freshness in the APP. Make sure you enjoy the ingredients within the fresh period, so as not to spoil or affect the taste after long-term storage.

Before your ingredients expire,  the APP will push a reminder, and you can also open the APP to check.