business background

Foshan Lighting is a brand of Foshan Electric Lighting Co., Ltd. The company has Foshan Chancheng headquarters and five production bases in Nanhai, Gaoming, Henan Xinxiang, and Jiangsu Nanjing, with large-scale production strength. The channels and outlets cover all provinces, cities, counties, towns and rural markets in the country. About 40% of the company's products are exported to more than 120 countries and regions in the world . In recent years, Foshan Lighting has laid out new fields such as intelligent lighting and healthy lighting. Taking innovative intelligent system solutions as the starting point, it has built an ecosystem of brands, platforms, and supply chain services, and has continuously deepened its cooperation with Ali, Tencent, Huawei, and Baidu. With the integration and cooperation of platform companies such as Smart Lighting in the field of intelligence, they have successively launched smart lighting applications covering diversified scenarios such as home, office, and business, which can provide users with professional smart lighting solutions . 

Foshan Lighting needs to seek independent research and development capabilities in 4- inch screens and can cooperate with both parties. The service party will complete the hardware and production, and Foshan Lighting will independently complete the software, so that Foshan Lighting has a high degree of autonomy.


Why choose Zhongneng IoT

Zhongneng Wulian solution helps Foshan Lighting to independently develop the 4 -inch screen, and at the same time helps Foshan Lighting solve EMI and other problems on the 4 -inch screen hardware . Finally, Foshan Lighting completes the overall software and hardware development, and Zhongneng Wulian completes the entire production control.



Zhongneng Wulian adopts Espressif ESP32-S3 single chip in the 4 -inch screen product solution , which solves the problem of driving the 4 -inch screen driver ( 480*480dpi ) and at the same time solves the problem of smart home control and networking without additional Wi-Fi modules. In this solution, the problem of cost and experience is solved to the greatest extent.


cooperation results

Foshan Lighting 4 inch screen