business background

Wanda Kang Trading Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan-funded enterprise, which belongs to Taiwan Huafeng Group. Founded in 1997, Wanda Kang focuses on the professional production of fitness equipment. Our security measures are a priority in all respects. Manufacture all types of fitness equipment and health products to maintain a competitive edge and remain cost-effective. Continue to build innovative products. Focus on providing innovative and stylish designs on the basis of high-end products, the products are both self-owned brands and consignment products. Based on the Hongmeng rope skipping developed by Wanda Kang, Wanda Kang needs to find a manufacturing factory to provide it to Wanda Kang from improvement and production.


Why choose Zhongneng IoT

Zhongneng Wulian has rich experience in consumer electronics PCBA manufacturing and assembly. Based on this, Zhongneng Wulian conducts strict factory audit and evaluation, and finally passes the factory audit of Wanda Kang and enters Wanda Kang's supplier system.

After becoming a supplier, Zhongneng Wulian actively optimized Wanda Kang's manufacturing, controlled costs and quality, and established a long-term cooperative relationship with Wanda Kang.


cooperation results

Wanda Kang smart skipping rope