Yaguan Technology

business background

Yaguan Technology is committed to building an AIoT space intelligence platform, focusing on human-centered smart devices, smart spaces, smart services and smart operations. Based on the self-developed Akeeta OS system, Yaguan has created a space intelligent operating system - Akeeta AIoT smart platform, Akeeta Home&Community smart community platform, a one-stop intelligent landing tool - Zhixiang platform and other products. Yaguan Technology is an IoT solution provider. Yaguan Technology needs to seek high-quality IoT module manufacturers. Based on this opportunity, it evaluates Zhongneng IoT and finally cooperates.


Why choose Zhongneng IoT

Zhongneng Wulian has profound production experience in the field of Internet of Things, and manufactures modules for microwave radar solutions for Yaguan Technology.

It can well guarantee the comprehensive factors such as the delivery date, quality and price of the microwave radar module products of Yaguan Technology.

Therefore, under the comprehensive consideration of Yaguan Technology, Zhongneng Wulian was selected for the manufacture of microwave radar modules.


cooperation results

T8 lamp with radar module