Eden daily use

business background

EDON is a brand of Guangdong Shunde Edon Creative Daily Necessities Co., Ltd. It is a creative electrical brand dedicated to creative electrical products, integrating independent development and design, production, sales and service. It is located in Shunde, Guangdong, a small home appliance manufacturing base. Provide exquisite, innovative and practical products, and provide high-quality product experience to end consumers. Aiden needs to develop the domestic market, needs to strengthen the awareness of the Aiden brand among consumers and improve the application of fan technology, so it chooses to develop an offline voice fan.


Why choose Zhongneng IoT

In the field of offline voice, Zhongneng IoT has independent development capabilities and the ability to customize for customers. It is supported by the original factory of multiple offline voice chips, such as Qiying Tailun, Shen Cong, etc., so that Zhongneng can make offline voice calls In the field, we can undertake the product development of customers.



The Aiden fan hardware solution uses the ZD-SSV3 module for docking, the fan is connected to the ZD-SSV3 through the communication interface, and the fan is woken up by using the voice to wake up "Aiden classmate". Realize the use of voice to control the fan, such as switch, gear position, shaking head, timing and so on.

Overall topology of offline voice fans



cooperation results

Eden fan