Pure Rice Technology

business background

Founded in May 2013 , Chunmi Technology is a technological kitchen ecosystem that relies on Internet kitchen appliances and faces the era of future cooking customization . In April 2014 , Chunmi joined Xiaomi's ecological chain, focusing on the R&D and production of Internet kitchen appliances and systems. Since 2016 , based on the strategy of building a kitchen ecosystem, Chunmi Technology has successively established three major independent brands for the domestic market: Zhiwu Cooking, Circle Kitchen, and TOKIT Kitchen Table. Chunmi Technology has widely applied IoT technology in kitchen appliances.


Why choose Zhongneng IoT

Zhongneng Wulian has a dedicated field in NFC dual-interface communication.

Zhongneng IOT solution helps Chunmi Technology’s rice cooker to use NFC dual-interface communication. Although the small kitchen appliance can connect kitchen appliances to the Internet through the addition of wifi function, the initial operation steps are cumbersome, and many users often do not know how to configure the network. after sales question.

And Zhongneng Wulian has a deep understanding and development strength in NFC simple network distribution and easy use.



Junmi's hardware solution adopts ZD-FN3 module for docking, kitchen appliances are connected with ZD-FN3 through communication interface , and kitchen appliances are controlled by using mobile phone NFC touch. Realize the interaction between kitchen appliances and mobile phone data transmission.

The app on the mobile phone can transmit the data of kitchen appliances such as switches, cooking time, firepower, etc. to the product side by setting parameters. The manufacturer can save investment on the panel, and there is no need to open a complicated panel, and the user can also simplify the operation of kitchen appliances through a simple mobile phone operation.

This solution can change the intelligentization of kitchen appliances from wifi to NFC , which not only reduces costs but also makes it more reasonable to use smart kitchen appliances in the kitchen environment.

NFC smart rice cooker dual-interface overall topology


ZD-FN3 hardware module


cooperation results


pure rice rice cooker