5.8G Microwave Radar Module
  • 5.8G Microwave Radar Module

5.8G Microwave Radar Module

The ZD-RaMW3 module is a small volume 5.8GHz human body induction radar designed with RDW1502-QFN32 core. This module can achieve distance, speed, and direction detection of moving targets; SOC solution fully ensures the consistency of frequency, power, detection distance, and coverage, effectively solving problems such as co frequency interference and environmental interference; This module has flexible and configurable frequency, power, delay, and distance, suitable for various sensing occasions with high distance requirements.
Product Features

Chip: RDW1502

Size: 35mm*35mm
Frequency band: 5.8Ghz Package: 3Pin cable



Core functions

smart sensor

Smart kitchen appliances
smart socket smart lighting
Smart bathroom  




1. Based on 5.8GHz Doppler microwave detector, it can penetrate plastic and glass, and the panel does not need to open holes

2. High sensitivity, high reliability, not affected by external environment such as light, dust, temperature, etc.
3. By adding an algorithm, the influence of wind and rain can be filtered out, and it can be used in outdoor scenes 4. The detection distance is flexible and adjustable, up to 15 meters

5. Multi-sensor analog/digital interface, can interconnect other sensors

6. Support dense distribution

7.5V voltage input, power consumption 70mA@5V

8. Fully meet the strict FCC∕CE certification test standards
9. Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL, Moisture Sensitivity Level): Level 3 10. ESD classification HBM: Class 1