10.525GHz Microwave Radar Module
  • 10.525GHz Microwave Radar Module

10.525GHz Microwave Radar Module

ZD-PhMW1 is a micro/motion sensing module designed based on an X-band radar chip, with a center frequency of 10.525GHz. This module is designed with fixed frequency, directional transmission and reception antennas (1TIR). The module integrates functions such as intermediate frequency demodulation, signal amplification, and digital processing, while opening communication serial ports. It has the ability to set delay and adjust sensing range, making it convenient for customers to adjust parameters independently. It has advantages such as no wall penetration, anti-interference, small size, clutter and high harmonic suppression, high stability and consistency.
Product Features
Chip: XBR816C Size: 23mm*20mm
Frequency band: 10.525Ghz Package: 8Pin pin



Application scope of core functions

Smart Building

smart home 
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1. Based on the principle of Doppler radar, it can realize the detection of motion and micro-movement

2. Wall or embedded installation, sensing angle: 90°±10°

3. The product is positioned as a short-distance swipe or proximity-sensing scene application

4. Low power output, richer application scenarios

5. Detection distance: 0.1 - 0.2m close-range swipe (distance adjustment by software) 1 - 2m proximity sensing (distance adjustment by software)

6. High and low level output

7. Low power output, richer application scenarios

8. Onboard PCB antenna

9. Working voltage: 3.3-12V (5V recommended)

10. Working environment temperature: -20 - + 60°C

11. Working humidity: 10 - 95%