NFC reader/writer
  • NFC reader/writer

NFC reader/writer

The ZD-FN4 NFC reader/writer is a highly integrated non-contact communication module that operates at 13.56MHz and supports two read/write modes. Supports the following two different working modes. 1. Support reader/writer mode that complies with ISO/IEC 14443 TypeA protocol 2. Support reader/writer mode that complies with ISO/IEC 14443 TypeB protocol The ZD-FN4 NFC reader/writer module has the characteristics of low voltage, low power consumption, strong driving ability, multi interface support, and multi protocol support. Suitable for non-contact reader and writer applications with low power consumption, low voltage, and low cost requirements. Suitable for various user scenarios. Typical access devices: household appliances, water purifiers, purifiers, etc
Product Features
Chip: SE+FM17580 Communication protocol: ISO/IEC14443-A
Package: cable Size: 60*50mm



Core Function Application Area
Smart Appliances smart purifier
Smart water purifier Smart kitchen appliances
Consumables lifecycle management  




1. Communication protocol: ISO/IEC 14443-A

2. Working frequency: 13.56MHz
3. Number of channels: 2 channels or more 4. With anti-collision function
5. Reading and writing distance: 5cm (related to antenna size and design) 6. Data transfer rate: 106 kbit/s
7. High data integrity: 16bit CRC, parity 8. RF communication parameters can be configured separately through AT commands, effectively reducing EMI
9. Built-in filter circuit, effectively suppressing the leakage of radio frequency signals through the communication interface or power circuit 10. It is connected with the external control unit through serial port communication, providing a simple and easy-to-use AT command set, which is convenient for users to quickly integrate
11. The software supports reading and writing access to electronic tags based on encryption, one card and one secret, high security 12. Support NFC Forum Type2 Tag standard tags to form a complete reading and writing system